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Fair warning: Don’t invite Potty Mouth to your house party unless you’re ready for a night of spontaneous karaoke and outrageous prank phone calls.

The high-energy pop/rock trio originally formed in 2011 in a Northampton, MA basement after growing tired of watching the dudes have all the fun onstage.

The group, which consists of Abby Weems (lead vocals/guitar), Ally Einbinder (bass), and Victoria Mandanas (drums/vocals), now calls Los Angeles their home. Since their formation, they’ve released two LPs and two EPs, all of which are heavily influenced by ‘90s rock and early 2000s movies such as Josie and the Pussycats.

Weems loves donuts and makes a lot of silly faces. 🍩
Einbinder is obsessed with cats and hops around onstage in platform shoes. 😼
Mandanas doesn’t say much at first—but when she does, you bet your ass she means it. 😈

The group’s latest LP, SNAFU, was released in 2019 on Get Better Records. 

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